What's New On The Niche Keywords Finder SEO Tool?

18 July 2017: Even Even More Data Sources Added

Another two more data sources have been added. They're particularly good if you're interested in writing answers to question based queries people are searching for online.

I've also added a section in the Resources tab which lists Instagram accounts that might be relevant to your niche. Follow them or set up rival accounts!

Finally I've made some behind the scenes changes to allow us to tell if niches are actually any good. Eventually I hope to be able to answer the $1000 a month question... can I actually rank a site for this keyword?

16 July 2017: Even More Data Sources Added

Two more data sources have been added. They're particularly good if you're interested in researching product related niches.

14 July 2017: More Data Sources Added

I found some awesome new sources of keyword data! The main benefit of this is the Phrases tab. This now shows a few more keyword phrases relevant to your niche.

11 July 2017: Find Out Who to Reach Out to on Twitter

There's now a new Resources tab. At the moment this just shows Twitter feeds relating to your niche. Reach out to these Twitter accounts, as they could be major influencers in your niche. Also remember to follow and re-tweet them.

7 July 2017: Learn More About Your Niche With New Factoids

Niche Keywords Finder reports now include a Factoids tab. These are useful in some niches where there may be ambiguity of the meaning of a specific word or phrase. You might also find some article ideas from some of the links presented in the factoids.

Thanks to the DuckDuckGo search engine and Wikipedia for supplying the factoid data.

6 July 2017: News For Your Niche

Niche Keywords Finder reports now include some related news stories. The stories are sourced from Google News.

Google News is a rich source of inspiration in some niches. You can see what's trending. You can also see what major news stories the larger websites deem newsworthy.

If you want a regular supply of more of the same, then set up a load of Google Alerts.

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