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I'm Brett. You may remember me from previous keyword tool services such as the Niche Laboratory, which I launched back in 2014.

Nicke Keywords Finder allows you to brainstorm niches and find ideas. It's specifically aimed at widening your niche. So for example if you're blogging about dog toys then it should help you find ideas that can allow you to move sideways into other niches, like cat toys or aquariums.

I bought this domain name after spotting the URL in my Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools). Click here to read the full backstory of how I acquired nichekeywordsfinder.com.

Niche Keywords Finder has much of the same functionality that Niche Laboratory has. Niche Keywords Finder has a much faster and leaner multi-threaded back-end data processing engine. On the front-end it uses the wonderful Angular.JS instead of jQuery. The reports are also shown in a tabbed browser display rather than being a long standalone reports

So does keyword research still work? And do niche sites still work?


I launched a new niche site in January 2017, and it's doing OK. It's early days yet but I've already got to the stage where the site gets traffic every single day. It's not yet made any money, but that will come.

What Would I Do NOW?

Niche sites are still doing OK but the golden days of raking in $1000+ a month writing junk are long gone!

What's working for me now are:

  • From the tonne of data Niche Laboratory and its satellite services have accumulated in 3.5 years, two of the best niches for amateurs like us are CARS and FASHION. By amateurs I mean those of us who don't already own or work for huge corporations that have established businesses in their niches. Cars do well on forums. From trying to get backlinks for my new e-commerce site I can tell you that the majority of fashion blogs are rubbish. The key here isn't to write about what you're wearing. Write about what your website visitors can wear.
  • Forums are still good. In fact a few are closing down so there are golden opportunities to replace them in some niches.
  • It's weird but mainstream make money online/SEO bloggers are starting to wake up to the power of side projects. In fact I've been doing this for years, and it's very successful. Niche Keywords Finder is itself a side project. It actually got born out of some LSI keyword research I was doing when I lived in Thailand and it was too hot to leave my condo during the day.
  • Facebook Fan pages are worth experimenting with.
  • Sites with good ENGAGEMENT stats are doing well. Aim for 50% bounce rates and 3+ minutes spent on site.
  • Shopping sites seem far easier to rank than blogs. Even though blogs tend to have much more content on them.
  • Expand your existing sites, especially if they get traffic. 3 years after I bought the nichelaboratory.com domain, I added a blog on the subdomain blog.nichelaboratory.com. This blog started ranking in Google almost overnight.
  • Of course keyword research still works! You've got to get some ideas for what to write about. Companies like Google have got a lot smarter though. They know that some words and phrases are related to each other. So you no longer have to write separate articles for each keyword you've found. In fact this is more likely to get you penalised.
  • Where I have been most successful with keyword research recently is in finding general topic areas to focus on. For example, at the moment I'm adding products to my new e-commerce store. I put 50 products on there which I thought *might* get traffic and (hopefully!) sales. But the next 50 products I added have mostly been selected because I was starting to rank for specific keywords. In other words I was getting a few visitors for socks, but very little interest in shirts. So I just added a load more socks.
  • If you already have a niche site or sites, then Google Webmaster Tools is *really* valuable. Schedule an afternoon of your time to find out how to use it.
  • Finally, LSI keyword tools like Niche Keyword Finder *DO* work. They're great at digging out words related to your niche. Often they'll find words and phrases you have never thought of. Include these words and phrases on your site and it will rank for more keywords. Simple as that.

Thanks for reading! If you want to read more of my articles, check out the Niche Laboratory blog.

Brett B, 6 July 2017

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